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Magnetic resonance tomography
Magnetic resonance tomography is a fast and harmless diagnostic method that involves no radiation. It provides exact information on pathological changes and has also proved to be highly suitable in preventative medicine.

Magnetic resonance arthrography (diagnostics of joints)

Magnetic resonance arthrography is a special joint examination that is carried out as a follow-up diagnostic method. A mixture of the contrast medium and physiological saline is injected directly into the joint to be examined (please take note of our contrast medium information sheets). By filling the joint cavity, the structures of the joint can be evaluated better. Afterwards, magnetic resonance tomography is carried out. The main indication for an MR arthrography is the evaluation of the tendons in the capsular ligaments and the labrum of the shoulder joint and hip joint. The labrum is a ring of cartilage around the joint socket that increases the joint surface. MR arthrography is the most reliable diagnostic method to detect labral changes.
Most frequent applications
  • examinations of diseases of the hip joint and shoulder joint