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Magnetic resonance tomography
Magnetic resonance tomography is a fast and harmless diagnostic method that involves no radiation. It provides exact information on pathological changes and has also proved to be highly suitable in preventative medicine.

(Stress) cardiac MRT diagnostics

In the stress MRT, cardiac circulation at rest and under stress is examined. An arterial circulatory disorder of the cardiac muscle, for example, can be detected. By administering adenosine – a medicine that increases blood circulation in the short term – stress on the heart is simulated. In addition, the heart's pumping action, the size of the ventricles, tumours, thrombi and the scarring from previous heart attacks or inflammations can be detected. Before the examination, you will be administered an intravenous, non-ionic, iodine-containing X-ray contrast medium. It increases the relevance of the examination and ensures diagnosis. Thanks to the latest technology, it is possible for us to significantly reduce the quantity of contrast medium administered. Please take note of our contrast medium information sheets.
Most frequent applications
  • method of choice to evaluate a haemodynamically relevant coronary artery stenosis
  • differentiation of reversibly or irreversibly damaged cardiac muscle
  • ruling out or providing evidence of myocardial scarring
  • differentiation of ischaemic and non-ischaemic cardiomyopathy
  • diagnosis of cardiac tumours and pericardial diseases