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Magnetic resonance tomography
Magnetic resonance tomography is a fast and harmless diagnostic method that involves no radiation. It provides exact information on pathological changes and has also proved to be highly suitable in preventative medicine.

Magnetic resonance mammography (breast diagnostics)

With around 6,500 newly diagnosed cases per year, breast cancer has the highest rate among women as a malignant tumorous disease. Great importance is therefore attached to screening using conventional mammography or sonography. Magnetic resonance mammography serves to expand this form of examination. Using the new 18-channel mamma coil on our 3-tesla and 1.5-tesla MRT scanners, the approx. 1,500 MR mammographies currently carried out every year are optimised even further. Our team of doctors also participates actively and successfully in breast cancer research – the results of our examinations have already been presented at the largest and second-largest radiology conferences in the world, among others, and, of course, have been published at a high level.
Most frequent applications
  • more accurate diagnosis of unclear mammography and sonography results (continuous imaging of mammary gland tissue and evaluation of circulation)
  • follow-up examination of the mammary gland
  • method to differentiate between scars and recidive tumours
  • evaluation of breast implants
  • evaluation of how the breast tumour has progressed before a planned operation
  • evaluation of the success of ongoing tumour therapy (chemotherapy, radiotherapy)
Frequently asked question
We recommend that hormonally active women have the examination between the 7th and 12th day of their cycle.
For a magnetic resonance tomography examination, which takes about 20 minutes, you lie on an examination table that is pushed into a short magnetic tunnel. While the scan images are being taken, you will hear a tapping noise that is caused by the electromagnetic waves. Before the examination, you will be administered a non-ionic contrast medium. Please take note of our contrast medium information sheets.
The magnetic resonance mammography is completely painless, since no compression of the breast is necessary.
It is not permitted to take hearing aids, jewellery, hair slides, glasses, etc. into the examination room, as they will become defective or could cause image interference. Before the examination, you should not apply any mascara. Patients with a pacemaker, metal implants or an artificial cardiac valve should always inform the doctor beforehand. Please also note that credit cards will be erased if they come too close to the magnetic field!